Mon. May 17th, 2021
WhatsApp new Update

Popular messaging app Whatsapp has rolled out a useful new feature “mute videos” to its beta users. The new feature will allow the users to mute the videos before sending them to contact. As of now, this new feature is available only for beta version for Android users. Currently, the mute video feature is in the testing stages however it might be available for all the users in the coming months. As per the reports by WaBetaInfo, the option for muting the videos will be available in the edit section of the video. Most of the users are appreciating this new feature from Whatsapp as they are finding it “useful”.

WhatsApp video mute Update

The popular messaging app has also rolled out a new animated sticker pack

Users will be able to control and mute the sound of the video by tapping on the volume toggle while existing options like trimming of video, emoticon option, text, etc will remain the same. The said “mute video” feature is currently available only for beta users therefore other users will have to wait till Whatsapp rolls out the stable version for all the users. After the rolling out of the stable version, all users will have access to this new “mute video feature’. The Facebook-owned messaging app is also working on a reported bug for the “mention” badge in the group. Whatsapp has also added a new animated stickers pack “Taters n tots’ with this beta update.

Following severe criticism, Whatsapp has already pushed the compliance of its updated privacy policy until May 15

Of late, Whatsapp has faced severe criticism for its revised privacy policy that was expected to come into effect from yesterday. The messaging company had said that if any user doesn’t agree to update the privacy policy then his account would be suspended or deleted on February 8, 2021. However, following the heavy backlash from its users all over the world, Whatsapp has further pushed the date until the month of May. The messaging app stated that it will first work towards clearing up the misconception about the updated privacy policy and then would go to people gradually to review the policy at their own convenience before May 15.

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