Fri. May 7th, 2021
UF003 charger

Ulefone is one of the most amazing brand around the world. The company is best known for its amazing innovations in the market in terms of rugged smartphones. Rugged smartphones these days have been the first choice among the consumers when they purchase and smartphone. As rugged smartphones do not require too much care and they are easy to handle. Ulefone bring new technological advanced devices in the market. Recently the company has announced the new smartphone in the market. This device is Ulefone Armor 10 5G. The company flaunts smartphone with wireless charging efficiency with UF003 charger. Ulefone has shown it’s new innovation in their latest video. In that video they have been seen testing the Wireless Charging efficiency. If we look over the charging capacity of the smartphone then it has amazing Battery specifications. The smartphone also supports 15W fast charging wireless charging. It’s wonderful charging features will surely attracts numerous consumers towards it in the market.

Ulefone Armor 10 5G

Ulefone Armor 10 5G battery specifications

  • As it features 15W fast charging. It also has 5800 mAh battery capacity.
  • In the video it was shown that company is testing the ability of the smartphone to charge it’s super power battery.
  • It was shown that smartphone got 6% Charged once plugged in for charging for 5 minutes.
  • In juts 30 minutes it got 25% charged.
  • In just 1 hour it got charged for 45% and full battery of the smartphone will get charged in just 3 hours and 22 minutes.
  • This is the fast charging rugged smartphone which makes the productivity enhanced and is suitable for the emergency case.
  • In the video it was shown that company has used it’s latest wireless charging pad which is UF003.
  • Using this charging pad one can charge the device up to 15W wireless charging.
  • It is an affordable Qi-enabled pad which will supports various other several smartphones and devices from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others.

Those who are waiting for the Availability of the smartphone then there is no specific date revealed by the company. The smartphone will go on sale his the official Store. Although more information will be shared on the official Ulefone website.

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