Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
tiktok latest feature

The most main issue of the Internet is the amount of faulty news and wrong facts being shared online. This information and details are often manipulated before being presented to users online. Although all of this has an ulterior intention to change mindsets or provoke people to an extent that they may get violent.Social media platforms have become one of the major sources of fake news and can be easily distributed widely across these platforms. Therefore, steps to regulate such misguided information are being taken by big companies. Now social media forums have multiple warnings which alerts users accessing that news. Even Tiktok has joined to reduce spreading of misinformation on its content for users to beware of such materials on the platform. Previously there was no such notification available on tiktok but now this addition will definitely aid to minimise unverified content.

tiktok new feature

A warning to alert users on TikTok

Even Tiktok will now officially regulate its content since it is a broadly used application. The alert on unverified content will be present on videos posted on Tiktok to notify users about its authenticity. Another feature that has been added is when you share such unverified videos, there will be pop-up question asked before sharing it. It will ask users if they are sure they would like to forward this video or not. This method is often used by companies for users to reconsider their action and think again. This feature generally works well and users get doubtful to share such content to others.

Uncertain videos on TikTok won’t be distributed more

Another important addition was made by Tiktok to reduce the distribution of the video. Therefore, such content won’t be shown to a massive amount of users and will be restricted. This will be extremely helpful to contain fake misguided information within a certain number of users only. Not only that but also users posting unverifiable videos probably will avoid doing so since their reach will directly get affected.

Fake news regulation during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic unfortunately brought tons of misinformation online.This was immediately controlled by companies like Twitter and Facebook which provide a flag to get updated with correct information by WHO(World Health Organisation) website. Also, when a user shares pandemic related facts they are also flagged with labels that say to get better knowledge by the official website.

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