Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
SUV with explosives found

In a shocking incident, India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani and his family were threatened by an “unknown letter” on Thursday. The letter which was addressed to Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani threatened of using explosives to kill the family and said that the Gelatin found in Scorpio was just a “trailer”. The police recovered the said letter from an abandoned SUV which was parked outside Ambani’s house. The police also recovered 21 Gelatin Sticks (explosive materials) from the SUV. Surprisingly the police also found several number plates some of which were matched with numbers plates of former Security Members of Ambani’s house. This shocking news soon went viral on the Internet. Mumbai Police started the investigation promptly and questioned as many as 15 persons. The police are also monitoring CCTVs cameras to probe this incident.

SUV with explosives found

“At least 2 Vehicles are involved in this incident”, Mumbai Police Claims

Now after some preliminary investigation, Mumbai Police has revealed that at least two vehicles were used to execute this incident. According to the Police, a white Innova and a green Scorpio were used to threaten the Ambani family. CCTV footages revealed that the two vehicles probably drove from Thane or neighbouring areas. Driving separately but coming from the same direction The two vehicles met up at someplace in Mumbai and then drove to Ambani’s house together. Both vehicles were spotted crossing the Mulund Toll Plaza around 1.20 in the morning. Both SUVs travelled through Byculla, turning right at Khadi Parsa junction and eventually reached Ambani’s house at around 2.18 am. On reaching there, the person in the Scorpio parked the SUV outside Antilia and jumped into the Innova and fled the scene. The car returned to Thane via eastern express way and was spotted on Mulund Toll Plaza around 3.05 am.

Mumbai Police forms over 10 teams to probe this matter

The police traced out the owner of the Scorpio only to know that the vehicle was stolen. He claimed that on February 16 while travelling towards the opera house from Thane, he parked his Scorpio on Mulund-Airoli Link Road as he was experiencing difficulties in handling the steering wheel of the vehicle. “Next day when I went at the spot, the vehicle was missing”, the owner said. He further stated that he lodged a complaint to the Vikhroli Police Station in connection with the theft of the SUV. The Mumbai Police is actively investigating the incident and has formed over 10 teams to probe the high profile matter.

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