Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Mr. Potato Head dropped

This fall, Mr. Potato Head is getting married. He is finally marrying the partner of many years, another Mr. Potato Head.  

The toy giant Hasbro is rebranding its iconic Mr. Potato Head toy by dropping the “Mr.” From the name. On the surface, it may seem like a subtle shift but it is designed to break away from the traditional gender norms.

Mr. Potato Head dropped

History of Mr. Potato Head 

This fall, the new brand will focus on having a clean slate for kids with same-sex families and single parents. It will be a prime example of the way heritage toy brands are evolving to stay relevant. 

Mr. Potato was launched in 1952 for the price of $0.98. The following year, Mrs. Potato Head was launched with feminized accessories. The Potato Heads were the first toys to be marketed directly to kids.   

The reason for the change 

The success of the toys comes down to their silliness. The idea of a potato person with an enormous mustache made everyone laugh. Over the decades, the brand has explicitly played into creating families. It has sold sets that have female and male Potato Heads with children. But eight years later, the brand is evolving. They want the kids to represent their families in their own ways.  

The strategy of the brand 

The brand plans to drop the gender-specific titles altogether. This means that the toys will not impose any gender identity, freeing the kids to do whatever feels most natural to them. This kind of freedom is not that common in children’s toys. Mattel has worked to make Barbie more ethnically diverse and size-inclusive. This has proved to be a milestone change in terms of inclusivity. This change will normalize gender identities and will make the children more accepting of everyone and everything. 

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