Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
silhouette TikTok challenge

Trendy challenges on social media platforms is a regular form of expression performed by millions of users online. These challenges usually are done for fun and are creative but sometimes it can cross limits and reveal the absolute horrifying intentions behind it. One such extremely viral trend called the silhouette challenge is being done by several women. The challenge is to pose with a red filter along with preppy bond music to give the theme movie feels. Although this trend particularly was getting significantly in women and they would apply this red color filter on their screens while being partially naked or topless. Recently there have been videos surging which display how you can remove the red filter and clearly view the video of women posing. A tik toker immediately rushed to expose creepy people using this trick and how harmful it actually is.

Several women are pleading platforms to ban such content

Popular influencers are going on their accounts making videos specifically warning users to beware of this challenge. The trend is spreading to other social platforms which can make other targets extremely vulnerable to those misusing their videos without permission. They have made announcements to avoid the trend and share this information.

silhouette TikTok challengeThe disturbing element on social media

This fresh trendy challenge is now being slammed and those people who uploaded methods and tricks to remove the red color filter to view the videos are being banned. There have been numerous accounts that uploaded these tricks but currently have been taken down on most of the social media platforms in response to remove them and protecting women being exposed without consent.

Several alerts are published to warn users

Major platforms like Twitter and Facebook have released a warning to users against the silhouette challenge and have advised users to avoid doing it. On Reddit, there had been a subreddit for removal of red filter but was banned by the platform. Although on YouTube such videos still exist and have not been taken down as of yet but soon shall be deleted as well.

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