Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
New Vivo smartphone

Vivo is a Chinese company which is best known for releasing great cheap smartphones in India. The market in India prefers such phones that easily fit the budget and also provide necessary features required by users. A new model seemed to have appeared on google play console list and the news has stated it release soon. The image discloses some specifications but it could vary with the official product. Sources say it will be called Vivo iQOO Neo5 and possibly be launching around March of this year. The new smartphone’s V2055A features have been disclosed by a tipster on Weibo platform and it showcases its probable features that could appear in the phone.

Vivo smartphone

Prime specifications on the New Vivo smartphone

The new Vivo phone will be running on Android 11 and although the size of the screen is not mentioned, the display will contain a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels.

Some of the major probable features are as following:

  • Display with AMOLED and refresh rate of 120Hz.
  • Screen density of 480.
  • An Adreno 650 GPU and also a 870 snapdragon 5G processor.
  • The middle frame made up of plastic.
  • A punch-hole design for display along with single facing camera.
  • Fast charging dual-core pump of 88 Watts.

These features seem suitable as a new model although it’s predecessor had a better refresh rate of 144Hz, the main specifications are definitely worthy to buy.

The possible cost of the phone

According to the tipster, the prices of the phones are listed with their storage variant versions.Their prices are mentioned as follows:

  • 8G+ 128G will cost approximately 2998 Yuan ($460).
  • 8G + 256G will cost approximately 3298 Yuan ($510).
  • 12G +256G will cost approximately 3598 Yuan ($556).

The prices of the phones seems justified but nothing can be said with assurance since this is just an assumption by a tipster.

Overall views on the phone

There is very little information provided as of yet about the phone although some great features have been released.Further there will be more details disclosed soon on the new Vivo phone and hence stating anything will be too early.Though the overall look and design of the phone is pleasing and plus point is that the phone will run smoothly on Android 11.

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