Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Patriarch of Alaskan Bush People

Billy Brown, the star and the patriarch of Discovery Channel’s famous reality series “Alaskan Bush People”, dies on Sunday after suffering a seizure. His son Bear Brown, who is also a star on the show, confirmed the death on Instagram. Billy was 68 when he died. 

Alaskan Bush People

Discovery channel’s statement mourning the loss 

A discovery representative took to social media to issue a statement. He said that the channel is devastated by the loss of the iconic star. The death was sudden and the trailblazer will be missed. They also went on to say that Billy was a lovely man and had a one-of-a-kind approach to life. Discovery channel also said that their hearts are with the family and the people who knew him and they wished the family well so that they could cope with the devastating loss. 


The family’s statement 

Bear Brown took to his Instagram to make this news public. He said that the family is heartbroken. He also said that Billy was not only a beloved patriarch, but also a loving dad, granddad, and husband. Billy was their best friend who lived his life on his own terms and taught his family to live like that as well. The family has asked the public for some privacy so that they can mourn in solace. He will be dearly missed.  


The show “Alaskan Bush People” 

According to the series logline, the show “Alaskan Bush People” follows a journey into the deep bush of Alaska, where the naturalist and adventurer Billy Brown, along with his wife, Ami, and his big family of seven children lead their lives on their own terms, connected to nature, the wildlife and bonded to the members of the family. Brown had been with the series since its launch in 2014. The 12th season of the show was recently wrapped up in October Last year. 



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