Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Taylor Swift

American Pop star Taylor Swift has filled much excitement among her fans by teasing a surprise announcement to be revealed tomorrow on the Good Morning America (GMA) show. The information was shared by Good Morning America’s Twitter handle which quoted that the singer has a new surprise announcement to make tomorrow exclusively on the show. The show is likely to be aired on Thursday at 7.00 am local time in the US. However, no additional details were revealed by the organizers of the show. The news of Taylor Swift’s surprise announcement on GMA created a huge buzz on social media with many of her fans speculating that the announcement will be related to her re-recorded albums.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has started re-recording her first six albums, know the reasons inside

Having lost rights to the former record label Big Machine, the American singer is re-recording her first six albums. Scooter Braun, who owned the rights of Swift’s early albums, sold the album right to a private equity firm for a massive 300 million dollars deal. The singer had expressed her unhappiness over the deal. Swift accused Braun of being behind this incessant manipulative bullying. It is worth mentioning that whoever owns the master recording earns all the revenue from streaming and use in Television, Films and Advertisements. Therefore, the singer has started re-recording her previous albums. In December 2020, Swift showed a sneak-peek of her new version of her old song “Love Story” from her 2008 album Fearless.

Her fans will be eyeing for the surprise announcement on Good Morning America Show

The singer is re-recording her old music albums to ensure that the new albums are streamed by her fans and used in any other projects, thus taking away some revenue from the owner of old versions. The singer had signed a contract with Universal Music Group in November 2018 and has released critically acclaimed albums Lover, Evermore, and Folklore with the new music label. Swift’s fans will be eagerly waiting for the surprise announcement tomorrow on the Good Morning America Show.

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