Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021
slams president Joe Biden

Susan Abigail Sarandon is an American actress and also is an executive producer and activist. The 74-year-old actress has been recognized for her spectacular performances in her films, some of which include an Oscar award,SAG award and BAFTA  award. The actress also had bagged several nominations for her work and also achieved a star on Hollywood walk of fame in 2002.The actress is extremely outspoken and keeps her viewpoints clearly time and again. Recently she came in front again and bashed president Joe Biden for not providing the $2000 checks as yet. The actress and activist further stated by her tweets she was unhappy with the president’s economic relief.

Susan Sarandon

What did Susan accuse the president of?

Susan wrote in a series of tweets slamming the president for only proving $1400 checks which did not match his previous campaign statements. The actress pointed out that the difference between the amounts accounts for the survival of Americans. The actress further tweeted data related to Covid-19 crisis to back her statements. Although $600 was transferred into the banks of American taxpayers last year, President Joe Biden’s relief proposal of $1.9 trillion includes $1,400 checks which would eventually total to $2000.

Summary of Susan’s political opinions

It has been crystal clear that Susan is a Bernie Sanders supporter when she announced it in 2016. She also stated she didn’t exactly support Hillary Clinton and did not agree for her to be president.

The actress hence again showed her support for Bernie but unfortunately he backed away from the US elections.

Susan is a powerful activist

Sarandon supports multiple causes and organisations and also donates to showcase her support for the cause. Susan has been sponsored by multiple organisations allowing her to confidently take a stand in public against injustice. The actress also is against wars and took a stand against the military forces trying to invade Iraq causing disharmony in their country. Susan also promotes the importance of civil rights of citizens and has been participating in various protests over the years.

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