Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Ciara Miller Covid 19 nurse

Summer House has been running since 2017. It is reality show with four complete seasons and a fifth ongoing season. It is about friends who visit a town with beach and a summer house. They live together and enjoy the landscape to avoid the noisy city life for some time.

Season 5 features a new face Ciara Miller. On its premiere on February 4, everyone couldn’t help but notice a newcomer in the group. Ciara Miller is a 25 year old young girl, and she said that joining the cast for this show was exciting but, frightening at the same time. It’s not like the show can go on like it used to in 2017. The Pandemic has made things hard for everyone and the shooting of Summer House was also affected. They will have to stay there for six weeks and not just the weekends but every hour of everyday.

Ciara Miller

Ciara Miller and Luke Gulbranson

She was introduced to the House by Luke Gulbranson who entered in season 4. Ciara Miller has never lived with a roommate and she says that living with so many new people is an experience. One gets to learn how people live and how they like to bond. She said, Luke had already told her about the inmates but she didn’t want to create an image in her head without meeting them herself.

Ciara Miller Life as a nurse

Ciara Miller is a travelling nurse by profession. She has been working for COVID-19 patients in Brooklyn. And the Summer House girl enjoys her work it seems. She said that working as a nurse has given her an opportunity to make a difference and look at the bigger picture. According to her everyday in her profession is a new challenge. No two days are alike. If you think you can save a life with medicine, you give it your shot but after medicine it is totally faith.

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