Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
FASTag got required

New Delhi: The public authority on Sunday said it has made FASTags obligatory from February 15, 12 PM fitted with it will be cost at electronic. The Service of Street Transport and Roadways in a proclamation said it has concluded that all paths in Public Thruways will path of the charge court’ from 12 PM 2021.

“Hence, according to fitted with FASTag going into the FASTag path of the charge court will pay multiple times of the charge appropriate to that classification,” the assertion said. The service has explained that this has been never, decrease holding up time and accommodate a consistent entry through. The service had ordered the fitment of FASTag in M&N classes of engine vehicles with impact from January 1, 2021.

New Delhi. FASTag on all costs from Monday (15 February 2021). That is, if you don’t have a fastag in today, it should take care of duty or punishment for intersection the cost court. Tell us that this new plan isn’t for bikes. As of late, the Public Thruway Authority of India (NHAI) the issues looked at re-energizing the Fastag. In the fastag record of re-energized, at the driver to re-energize it on cost. NHAI is planning to re-energize quickly.

What is FASTag?

Fastag is an electronic Fastag is a re-energized prepaid label that you need to put on the windshield.

FASTag got required

How does FASTag work?

When cost square, the sensor on the cost court tracks the fastag on the windscreen of After this, that cost court is deducted from your can pay the cost square. This label introduced begins its work when your prepaid record is initiated. Simultaneously, when you should re-energize.

Where to purchase FASTag?

You have a buy FASTag. You can get it from online business stages like Paytm, Amazon. and Flipkart. Aside from this, Fino Installments Bank and Paytm Installments. Not just this, you it from the bank. Banks at present contribution FASTags incorporate € HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, Kotak Bank, Hub Bank Installments Bank.

What is buying FASTag?

Most importantly, which you are getting is a jeep-van, or develop it. Furthermore, what will be their charges and security store the issuance of the bank from which you are purchasing FASTag? On you get it from ICICI Bank, you will cause Rs 99.12 for the tag and Rs a while for nothing or even ostensible cost to build their interest. The Public Installment Company of India has fixed the cost of Fastag at Rs 100. Aside from this, a security store of Rs 200 must be paid.

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