Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Samsung is one of the most renowned company around the world. The company has been dealing in wide variety of smartphones with wonderful features and specifications. As Samsung is well known to bring latest technology and innovations in its devices. And recently we could see a example of that. The company has confirmed about its rollable and slidable displays in the market. The rollable displays in today’s world are being the most controversial one. As various companies has been working to bring smartphone with rollable and slidable displays. Samsung has just confirmed that they are working over it. Samsung Display is the company which produces displays for the company. Although Samsung Display is a part of Samsung only. This will bring a great impact in the new technologies in the market. The users have been waiting since so long for the rollable and slidable displays to be available in the market.

SamsungSamsung Rollable and Slidable display Availability

The company has not confirmed the actual launch date of the device which will feature this new innovative displays in the market. But it is expected that they will be available by later this year. These displays are expected to be the Samsung’s mobile telecommunications division to be the first OEM which will deploy the rollable technology. This being the primary customer of Samsung Display. However, Samsung is not the only company which is dealing in rollable smartphone LG has also announced the devices which will be available with foldable technology. This was announced by LG in CES 2021. There are some expectations that the design of the smartphone will be slightly different with that of LG and Samsung. The company itself has not made any statement regarding the rollable and slidable displays for the consumers. These new innovations will also imply that Samsung’s flip and fold displays may also adopt new technologies. It will also consist of innovative and fresh refresh rates and low power to maintain the display. Till now we can just expect the device to be available with wonderful features and specifications. And take this news as a glimpse. Although the company itself will reveal the details about the rollable and slidable displays.

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