Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Rihanna shares topless pic

Pop Star Rihanna lands herself in yet another controversy by sharing a topless photo of her wearing a pendant of Hindu God Ganesha. Rihanna shared the controversial picture on the microblogging site Twitter. In the photo, Rihanna is seen wearing pink shorts and a diamond pendant of Lord Ganesha. Along with the controversial pic, she tweeted, “me nuh wan ya wear no lingerie tonight fame girl’. The tweet sparked off yet another controversy and many netizens slammed the singer for hurting the sentiment of Hindus. BJP leader Ram Kadam slammed Rihanna and also criticized the opposition party Congress for backing her recent tweet on farmers’ protest in India. He said to local news, “What could be the motive behind Rihanna sharing such a photo? It is evident that she is working as per a conspiracy. Will Congress still support her?

Rihanna shares topless pic

The pop star is facing heavy backlash for the controversial photo

Many Twitterati slammed Rihanna and accused her of disrespecting Hindu Deity. One user wrote, “Please stop using my religion as your aesthetic”. Anothr user commented “Nah man wtf is this, this is highly disrespectful!!! She is wearing a Hindu God half-naked. This is cultural appropriation. Our Gods aren’t for your aesthetics! It is not the first time that Rihanna has been accused of hurting religious sentiments. Back in 2009, Rihanna made many headlines for her Sanskrit tattoo inspired by the holy text of Bhagavad Gita. In the last year itself, the pop star triggered controversy for using Islamic texts in her fashion show after which Rihanna apologized later on.

Rihanna was recently bashed for tweeting on Farmers Protest

Earlier this month, Rihanna sparked off the debate after tweeting on the ongoing farmer’s protest in India. The singer shared a news article by BBC which said “India cuts internet around New Delhi as protesting farmers clash with police”. Rihanna was brutally trolled by Twitterati and the Government of India. The Indian government went on to take strict actions against Twitter and pressurized the micro-blogging site to ban all the accounts related to false propaganda and hashtag. Not to forget the ugly response of the controversial queen “Kangana Ranaut”!!

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