Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
New Wall Mounted Echo

New details have been emerging about a new wall-mounted Alexa tablet that serves as a smart home command center being developed by Amazon’s Lab126 hardware division, the same one that made the Amazon Kindle, Echo, and Echo Dot.

amazon lab 126

The source from which the news came

The mystery device is reportedly still very much in development at this moment, but the general idea is that it would work as a central hub to control your smart devices like the Amazon Echo Show. The device could potentially show upcoming calendar events and could also house an in-built camera for video recording.

These reports come from a source that has been in conversation with the company privately. The spokesperson did not want to be identified but they said that the product is parallel to the Control4 Home Automation System.

Reported Specs of the device

The source continues to say that the new home command center screen could be available in one or two different sizes between 10 and 13 inches, and could launch by the end of 2022 for a price range of about 200 dollars and 250 dollars respectively.

Amazon has been experimenting with the new form factors ever since the arrival of the Echo in 2014. Since then, Amazon has built Alexa into additional devices including some smart speakers, smart displays, video devices, phones, tablets, laptops, and even some cars. The wall might be the next big step for Alexa.

Difference between Alexa and other home assistants

The counterpoint to the line of reasoning is that Alexa does not need a fancy control center to function. The best part about Alexa was that it works just as well on an inexpensive speaker as it does on the company’s most expensive displays and speakers. The display just adds a visual component while the core functionality remains the same.

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