Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Rachel Lindsay

Former contestant of ABC’s TV Series The Bachelor, Rachel Lindsay has hinted at leaving the “Bachelor” franchise. The decision to quit the franchise comes at a time when ABC’s dating show has been facing racial scandals. Lindsay expressed her disgrace with the franchise on her podcast Higher Learning. She said, “I can’t take it anymore. I am contractually bound in some ways. But when it’s up, I am too. I can’t do it anymore”. In 2017, Lindsay became the first black “Bachelorette”. Currently, she is seen hosting the official podcast of the Bachelor franchise Bachelor Happy Hour.

Lindsay has been vocal about the lack of diversity in the dating show

After appearing in the 21st season of “The Bachelor’, Lindsay has been working closely with the franchise. However, despite being in contract with the franchise, she has always been raising her concern about the lack of diversity in the show especially the absence of a black male lead prior to the current lead Matt James.

Rachel Lindsay

In the last year amid the Black Lives Matter movement, Lindsay expressed her feelings about the franchise to Page Six. She stated, “When I look at what’s happening in our country, and then I look at the franchise, I can’t continue to be affiliated-it’s embarrassing honestly at this point-to be affiliated with a franchisee who is not on the right side of this”.

The racial tension reached a new high after Lindsay interviewed longtime host Chris Harrison

However, the racial tension in the franchise came to light when Lindsay interviewed the longtime host, Chris Harrison. During the interview, Harrison asked viewers to show a little bit of courtesy and understanding to contestant Rachael Kirkconnell who has been facing severe criticism after she was alleged to “like’ racially insensitive posts on social media. In her podcast Higher Learning, Lindsay addressed that incident also. She said,” The things that were boiling to me the most were the compassion and space and the grace that Chris Harrison wanted to give to Rachael, but couldn’t give it to this Rachel in the interview, couldn’t give it to the people that were offended by the things she did”. This podcast will surely add to the problems of the Bachelors’s franchise.

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