Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Oppo is one the most amazing company around the world. The company has been dealing in wonderful smartphones with great features and specifications. The devices which are manufactured by Oppo feature a high quality camera which is the main attraction of Oppo smartphones in the market. Oppo has been working with latest technology in its smartphones in the market. If we look over the past Details of the camera of Oppo then it was the first brand which has adopted the pop up camera mechanism. Oppo remains the first company which holds the patents in almost every weird design. Now the company is again in line to adopt a new camera module. As it has filed a patent for a smartphone design with double sided pop up camera. This new camera module will features a doubled sides design with reflective mirror.

OPPOOppo new Patent for camera details

This new patent was spotted by LetsGoDigital. This patent was applied in March 2020 and in October the patent was published. The company has filed a patent at World Intellectual Property Office. This is great step towards a new invention in the smartphones. Also the new reflective mirror specifications could now be seen for the first time in smartphones.

Oppo Reflective Mirror camera design

  • This camera will be hidden just like that of Xiaomi smartphones.
  • Smartphone will have a flat display and a clean as a slate rear panel.
  • The company will now be using a light path deflection mirror on its pop up camera.
  • Till now there is no information shown in the patent that it will have two mirror shape of mirror or prism.
  • These reflective mirror will be able to move up and down which keeps the camera intact.
  • Mirrors are kept perpendicular to them generally and also be altered to vary the type of photo.
  • These can be used as both selfie and rear camera.
  • It features 360° panorama shots which draws light from left and right sides.
  • There will be features like single camera activation at a time.

Triggering the bottom one will turn the camera into selfie shooter and pressing it twice will point it backwards.

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