Mon. May 17th, 2021
Olivia Newton-John

Dame Olivia Newton-John is a British-Australian singer and she also is a songwriter, entrepreneur, activist. The 72 year old singer has had a tremendous music career with achievements like being a four time Grammy awards holder. She is known for making history by selling approximately 100 million album records globally that made her the best selling music artist of all time. Olivia is called a legendary singer with her outstanding career in the music industry. Although the singer also went through tough times like when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been fighting it for almost two decades now. Recently the singer revealed that her health was good and she is doing well and currently is going under treatment. Further, Olivia also stated that plant remedies aided her in the process of treatment and gave credit to such medications. However now there has been a bizarre statement from her side related to Covid-19 vaccines.

Olivia Newton-JohnOlivia says no to vaccine

Olivia stated in a recent statement that she will not be taking the covid-19 vaccine. Although the singer did not tell her reasons for doing so even though she seems like a good background on health issues. The 72 year old singer is qualified for taking a vaccine in California as she is a senior citizen but has refused to take it.

Why did Olivia refuse to take the vaccine

Ever since Olivia disclosed in an interview that she at this point of time is not looking forward to taking the covid-19 vaccine people wondered why. The dots seemed to connect when Olivia’s daughter Chloe had posted a negative response to the vaccine last month. Chloe had said she doesn’t want to inject pesticides and mercury in her body. Although Chloe did not post any evidence for this claim and has absolutely no medical knowledge. Although later Chloe deleted this post after she was slammed for being an anti-vaxxer but she immediately clarified she was not one.

Do vaccines have any impurities?

Researchers and doctors have completely rejected the idea of vaccines not being safe. Instead experts reveal that it is crucial for everyone to put vaccines. After surging rumors and fake reports on social media there are now awareness advertisements being circulated on these platforms.

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