Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Lindsay Hubbard

The fifth season of the popular show “Summer House” is back for entertaining the audience. This time however it is a bit different scenario taking into account the pandemic situation. Talking about the new season, Lindsay Hubbard said that this year show is different as the cast was not allowed to leave the house in which they were filming therefore they all worked from the Hamptons Home too. In an exclusive interview to Page Six, Hubbard said, “We spent the last four seasons, you know, going to the Hamptons and coming back to the city. So six weeks in a row with 10 people this time around was an interesting experience”.

Summer House Season 5

This new Season of Summer House will be a different experience

Hubbard shared that she is excited for viewers to see how much they actually hustle during the week. In the earlier four seasons, crew would spend only weekends in the “Summer House”, however this time around as they were not allowed to leave the house, they all have to be in the house from Monday to Friday as well. She said,” I think the advantage of being in the house Monday through Friday is that viewers will be able to see how much we do work to afford our partying lifestyle on the weekends”.  Hubbard thinks that it will be fun for viewers as well to see what they come up with like games, theme parties etc.

Hubbard reveals her business was impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic

Hubbard revealed that she liked the space that the house offered this time around and she had fun coming up with many ways to stay entertained at the house. She further added, “When you are in a house or an apartment during a pandemic, you have to get creative with things to do around the house.’’. She also revealed how the pandemic impacted his business Hubb House PR. She said she had to stop restaurant and hospitality PR due to Coronavirus pandemic however after as the situation went normal, her loyal clients decided to bring her back.

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