Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
2 French bulldogs stolen

Lady Gaga’s dog walker has been shot and two of her French bulldogs were stolen in the Hollywood area during an armed robbery. The singer is currently offering a 500,000-dollar reward for returning the dogs with no questions asked policy.

The scene of the crime

The dog walker was shot once on Wednesday night and is expected to survive his injuries, according to the Police Captain. The man was walking three of Lady Gaga’s dogs at the time, but one of them escaped. That dog has been recovered safely. The police said that it is not clear yet that the dog walker was targeted because of his celebrity client.

2 French bulldogs stolen

The reward that is being offered

Lady Gaga is offering the reward for the return of her dogs, named Koji and Gustav – with no questions asked, her representative has confirmed the news. An email address for tips has been set up to get any help that can be gathered. The singer is currently in Rome to shoot a movie. The victim whose name has not been released was walking the dogs when a white Nissan Altima pulled over and tried to steal the animals.

Two suspects exited the vehicle and demanded the victim to hand over the dogs at gunpoint. The victim struggled with the suspects and was shot once by the suspects. There was little evidence of the previous night’s violence on Thursday afternoon in the upscale neighborhood known as Sunset Square’s historic district. There were faint blood spatters on sidewalk grasses and a random black glove typically used by police left in the street.

The reason behind stealing

French bulldogs can cost thousands of dollars. A woman in San Francisco was beaten in January at gunpoint, and three men stole her French bulldog puppy. Gaga has remained among the biggest pop stars in the world since breaking through with her 2008 album. She has won 11 Grammy awards, headlined a Superbowl halftime, and now is an Oscar award-winning actor.

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