Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Kolkata Police has summoned BJP Leader Rakesh Singh at 4 pm today in connection with the recent drug probe. BJP Youth Wing Leader, Pamela Goswami, who was arrested on Saturday in connection with the alleged possession of drugs, has now named a BJP leader Rakesh Singh in the case. Goswami was allegedly in possession of more than 100gms of Cocaine when she was apprehended in New Alipore area of the city. When Police presented Goswami before the city court she alleged that she had been framed in the drugs case. She said, “I want a CID investigation. BJP’s Rakesh Singh, he aide of Kailash Vijayvargiya should be arrested. This is conspiracy”.

Rakesh Singh accused Kolkata Police and Government of “Brainwashing” Pamela

Rakesh Singh, however, accused the Kolkata Police and Ruling Government of “brainwashing” Goswami. He denied of any meeting with Goswami from past 18 months. He stated that if he is involved, the Police can call him or Kailash Vijayvargiya or even Amit Shah. “I think the police have brainwashed her. I am not in touch with Pamela for more than and a half years now”, he told news agency Press Trust of India (PTI).  However, Police looks in no mood to entertain these allegations. According to a senior officer of the Kolkata Police, a notice under section 160 of the CrPC, directing Mr. Singh to appear by 4pm, has already been issued to him. It may be noted that Section 160 of the Code empowers the police to issue summon who might be familiar with the facts of a criminal case.

In last year itself, Goswami’s father had alleged Prabir Kumar Dey of introducing drugs to her daughter

As per Police reports, Pamela Goswami’s father Kaushik Goswami had sent a letter to the police in April last year accusing Prabir Kumar Dey (who has been arrested with Goswami last week) to introduce her daughter to drugs. In the letter, Goswami’s father alleged that Dey introduced her to drugs after making her a business partner. With Goswami’s arrest, there are chances that some “big names” might be surfaced in connection with this drugs case.

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