Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Kim Kardashian, who built a business empire as a reality tv star, filed for divorce on Friday from her husband, Kanye West. They had been married for seven long years, and this appears to be one of the entertainment industry’s most famed unions.  

The divorce that caused the buzz 

The divorce petition was filed at the downtown offices of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, with Kardashian being represented by the prominent divorce attorney Laura Wasser. The news was not much of a shock because the pair had already been living apart. Aside from visiting the family once in a while, Kanye has been living on a ranch while Kim has been staying with their children in California.  

The reason for the divorce 

Kardashian disclosed that the couple had been struggling to stay afloat with West’s bipolar disorder. He staged a brief but chaotic White House bid and even got onto the ballot in 12 states. That was the seventh most votes any candidate got.  Kardashian, 40, and the rapper West, 43, tied the knot during an elaborate 2014 ceremony in Florence, Italy. The wedding was conducted a year after her divorce from former NBA star Kris Humphries was finalized.  

West’s life 

Chicago raised rapper and multiple Grammy winner, West burst onto the rap scene on his production chops, before delivering a string of critically acclaimed studio albums, selling over 20 million copies. He has made a very public turn to Christian evangelism in recent years, finally releasing his long-awaited gospel album. Kim K and Kanye started dating in 2012, while Kardashian was going through the divorce proceedings. This would be Kanye’s first divorce while Kardashian’s third. The couple has four children. Kardashian even called out to the media to show empathy for Kanye’s mental health issues.

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