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Ira Rosen is a veteran television producer who initially worked as a senior producer who’s anchor was Diane Sawyer at a prime time show. Rosen later on gained experience and worked on CBS news programs like 20/20 and 60 minutes. Rosen has produced these shows successfully for about forty years. Ira Rosen also has received several awards for his consistent hard work in the field. Some of the awards include a Peabody, 2 RFK Awards , 20 National Emmy awards. Currently the producer and author has disclosed a bold book which gives insights on extremely popular news anchors of the shows he produced. Ira has written and described numerous shocking details about renowned anchors and how they actually were behind the cameras. The book will be published this month on 16th and is named Ticking Clock.

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Shocking details inside the book

There are several points in the book which definitely surprises one as Rosen reveals some astonishing stories on established anchors. Rosen stated that hosts Sawyer and Barbara Walters were secretly enemies and even father-son duo Chris and Mike Wallace also had differences amongst them which lasted a year long. Further Ira wrote about Mike Wallace’s misconducts in the studios as he would have various arguments with co-workers and often acted mischievous around women and smacked their bottoms. The producer furthermore unveiled an incident where a female producer slapped Mike on his face as he was charging at her. Additionally, Rosen also described journalist Katie Couric who also appeared as a guest host on game show jeopardy as disconnected and lazy.

More details mentioned on rivalries and fights between anchors

Ira Rosen has undoubtedly given enough descriptions about anchors and his take on them. Ira called Sawyer as two-faced and stated if she behaves friendly towards you, Diane most definitely speaks horribly about behind your back. Ira also disclosed the rivalry between the co-hosts and stated they hated each other to the point they even checked how many words both were receiving. Another fight between father and son pair was related to an interview which Chris Wallace had bagged with comedian Chris Rock but apparently Mike Wallace persuaded Rock to rather come on his show. This left a bad taste in Chris Wallace’s mouth and the duo continued their fight for a whole year.

A time when Couric angered Rosen

Ira also has mentioned when Katie left Ira baffled after she hosted an interview with Hillary Clinton 2008. According to Rosen, Katie was not the right choice for the interview and she did not ask any hard hitting questions but was rather soft on Hillary. Rosen who was the producer of this segment was frustrated at Katie.

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