Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
donate kidney to his ill wife

Setting a milestone example of love and togetherness, a man from Gujarat is going to donate kidney to his ailing life on this Valentine’s Day. Vinod and his wife Rita Patel will be attaining 23 years of married life on 14th Feb. Rita Patel was fighting with autoimmune kidney dysfunction and has been on medicines since the last three years. However, instead of improving, Rita’s health situation was slowly advancing towards failure with complications. Seeing his wife in Pain, Vinod himself came forward as a potential kidney donor. After the couple was medically investigated, doctors found Vinod suitable for kidney transplantation. The transplantation surgery would be done at a private hospital in Ahmedabad.

Vinod’s wife Rita Patel is suffering from an autoimmune disease

According to the doctors, the autoimmune disease from which Rita Patel is suffering, the immune system which normally protects the body from foreign elements start to attack healthy parts of the body by mistake.

donate kidney to his ill wife

Dr. Siddhartha Mavani informed ANI that Vinod’s wife Rita is suffering from autoimmune kidney dysfunction and has been on medication for the last there years. He further stated that due to this disease, the immune system , who usually protects the body from any kind of infection, start to attack healthy parts of the body which in Rita’s’ case is “kidney”. “The surgery will be conducted on Sunday’, Dr. Mavani concluded.

Vinod decided to donate a kidney when he saw her wife in pain after being put on Dialysis

Vinod who decided to donate a kidney to her wife after seeing her in pain said,” My wife has been suffering from the disease for the last three years and was put on dialysis one month back. Seeing her pain, I decided to donate my kidney”. He further stated that he wanted to give the message to society that every person should respect their partner and help each other when required. His wife Rita expressed gratitude and love to her husband. She said that she is lucky to have such a life partner who has supported her in the time when it was most needed. “I consider myself lucky that I will be able to live again. I am thankful to my husband and my family”, Rita added.

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