Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
social media amid Twitter row

About the ongoing farmer protests, people share different opinions  Some are supportive of the farmers and their families, but there are also people who beg to differ. There is an ongoing battle of opinions between two schools of thought, which automatically drags social media and other platforms into the scene. The times have changed since the Gandhian era or Victorian period. People used to stage protests if they felt wronged and it was confined to the streets and restricted by the environmental conditions. But ever since times have taken a huge leap and to register protest people don’t just take to streets but also enter social media brawls.

Netizens used Twitter to debate over farmer protests and there are a variety of views.

social media amid Twitter row

Currently, there have been ongoing debates on Twitter about the farmer protests. But sometimes things go out of hand and harm not just the parties involved, but also drag the whole society into it. The impact of words written is similar to the effects of words spoken. They are not same, but somewhat similar.

The government takes steps and measures to tackle the issue.

The Government has decided to put a leash on the content that goes online. This has happened because of the row with Twitter. Apparently, Government wanted Twitter to block accounts that post against the Government and support farmer protest, but that didn’t go too well. Now the next move is to work on draft rules, that control the content on social media, OTTs, and news outlets. There will be new appointments around this project and the staff will have to submit reports and take necessary actions, based on their observations and within 48 hours make the committee aware of it. The Websites that have flagged content will have to remove that within 36 hours.

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