Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Golfing legend Tiger Woods

Two days after getting seriously injured in a single-car crash near Los Angeles, Tiger Woods is being moved to a new hospital. 

The reason behind the shifting 

Dr. Anish Mahajan announced that Woods has been transferred to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for continuing care and recovery. Woods suffered a comminuted open fracture in his right leg during the rollover crash and required to be hospitalized immediately. His team confirmed the transfer to another hospital and that he went through some other procedures. They also confirmed that Woods is on his way to a steady recovery. 

Golfing legend Tiger Woods

The accident of Golfing legend Tiger Woods

Woods crashed on the Hawthorne Boulevard near the border of southern California locales Rolling hills and Rancho Palos Verde. The cities share jurisdiction of the road. One source also claimed that the cities could be held liable for the treacherous stretch of road and for doing nothing to curb the number of accidents that are taking place in the same place. The crash took place while Woods was driving slightly before 7:12 a.m. The area is accident-prone, given the slopes and curves on the road. Woods’ vehicle crossed the center median and the opposing traffic lane and rolled over several times before finally coming to a stop. This was an accident and not a crime. Police have rolled out the possibility of him being drunk at that point.  

Woods’ recovery 

Woods, 45, will now be undergoing a long recovery process ahead of him before getting adjusted to his normal life. Woods’ fractures are on both the lower and upper parts of the tibia fibula. Since 2008, Woods has endured a series of injuries all over his body and went through five back surgeries. Doctors say that Woods will not be able to play golf for a very long time. His injuries will be alright but it will take time for him to be normal again. 

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