Mon. May 17th, 2021
Tiger Woods fatal car crash

Champion Golfer Tiger Woods suffered fatal injuries after his car crashed near a steep road in Los Angeles.  The civic authorities have stated that the “golfer’s” SUV crashed into a raised median and rolled over causing serious injuries to Mr. Woods. The accident was so impactful that Tiger had to be pulled out through the windshield. According to the reports, the golfer had to be admitted into the hospital where he underwent leg surgery. As soon as news of this fatal accident spread across the world, wishes started to pour in from his fans all across the globe.

Tiger Woods fatal car crash

Woods’ car crashed into a raised median and rolled over several times

Woods was reportedly alone in his car when it crashed into a raised median crossing two lanes and rolled 3-4 times.  No other cars are said to be involved in this fatal accident. Civic authorities said that there is no sign of alcohol consumption as the golfer was alert and could communicate with firefighters when they tried to open the windshield.  Daryl Osby, LA County Fire Chief, revealed that Mr. Woods’s both legs were seriously injured. As per the reports, it was the airbags that provided him a cushion to survive the fatal crash as it helped the vehicle to minimize the harsh impact of the crash.

The Golf Champion was invited to be the host of a Club Tournament in LA

As of now, Authorities have no clue as to how this crash happened.  The authorities stated that they were unable to find any alcohol or any other factor which might have influenced Mr. Woods’ driving. Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who was the first to get to the accident spot, said that it was very fortunate that Mr. Woods survived the crash and came out alive. However, he developed fatal injuries in both of his legs and had to be taken for surgery. According to multiple media reports, Tiger Woods was in Los Angeles as the host of a Tournament at Riviera Country Club. Woods, who made a remarkable comeback in 2019 after undergoing fifth back surgery, is a 15-time major champion and often regarded as “the greatest golf player”. Let’s hope Woods can overcome this surgery and return to playing Golf soon!

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