Thu. May 6th, 2021
The Last of Us

HBO’s “The Last of Us” adaptation is all set to feature a very familiar face: Bella Ramsey, the child actor who played the valiant role of the young ruler Lyanna Mormont on the Legendary Series “Game of Thrones.” The actor will star as Ellie in the upcoming TV series, according to various reports.  

Bella Ramsey

The brains behind the show 

The prestigious channel’s take on Naughty Dog’s game “The Last of Us” has been in the works for a while now and has already acquired some interesting talent on board which includes Chernobyl’s Craig Mazon attached as the writer and Kantemir Balagov, the Indie director of the WWII drama Beanpole, directing the pilot episode. The creative director behind the game series and co-writer of the show, Neil Druckmann, confirmed Ellie’s casting on Twitter. 

The character Ellie 

While Ellie isn’t the character one can choose while playing the game, she’s arguably the star of the entire series, as the entire plot of the game’s zombie apocalypse revolves around her and her relationship with her surrogate father Joel. She is also the main playable character in its sequel, “The Last of Us Part II”, and the side story “The Last of Us: Left Behind.” Ramsey handily stole scenes full of seasoned actors in Game of Thrones and should fit right in the setting of the series. She should also be a correct match to the gruff and frequently angry Joel.

The anticipated release date 

We still do not know about the release date of the show, but many reports have claimed that an extra tidbit about the casting will be shared. For now, all we know is Mahershala Ali, star of Moonlight and yet to be released Blade reboot, was being considered for the role of Joel. Audiences and gamers all over the world are eagerly waiting for the series to be released. GoT fans are eager to see young Lyanna play another fierce role. 

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