Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Elizabeth Chambers is the ex-wife of the Call me By your Name star, Armie Hammer. She posted a picture of a Cayman Island beach and said that she was shocked and heartbroken at the allegations.

Elizabeth’s reaction

She also said that she had been trying to process the news for weeks and that she is ready to lend an ear to the victims and continue to educate herself on this delicate issue. She also said that she is hurt by how little she knew about her husband. She has extended her support to all the victims of abuse and urges everyone to seek help and speak out.

Her support to the victims

She went on to say that beyond her social media, she would not like to comment on her ex-husband because she wants to focus on her children. She also expressed heartfelt gratitude for the love and support of all her fans and their consideration of her children is what makes her push forward.

Chambers only briefly acknowledged Hammer’s scandal last week when she heard this his former director will be reuniting with Timothee Chalamet for a movie that is about actual cannibals.

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The scandal

In January multiple women accused Hammer of abuse both sexual and emotional. People from his past said that he was obsessive and that she was afraid. Another ex also complained saying that Armie used a knife to carve the letter A near her vagina and scarred her as a method of branding.

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