Mon. May 17th, 2021
Emmanuel Acho The Bachelor Host

Two weeks after the long-time Bachelor’s host Chris Harrison announced that he will be stepping aside for some time, ABC announced that Acho, 30, will be stepping in to discuss the outcome of season 25 of The Bachelor.   

The episode that he will host 

Acho will sit down with James to talk about the reality star’s season. Acho is also reportedly to speak to the three final women, Bri, Michelle, and Rachael during the one-hour special episode. In a statement about the news of his casting, Acho said that it was both an honor and a privilege to be hosting the show. The episode claims to be pivotal and is one of the most-watched shows in TV history. 

Acho is a former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker who turned to a sports analyst and the New York Times bestselling author of Uncomfortable conversations with a Black Man. After growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood, and then adopting the black culture at his college, Acho feels like he is a bridge between the Black and white communities.   

The controversy 

The controversy surrounding The Bachelor began when a contestant was called out for old social media posts which saw her dressed in Native American attire as a costume and attending an antebellum plantation-themed ball. She has apologized. Harrison had come forward to say that the public should have a little more understanding and compassion for the participant. His comment created a massive backlash. There were petitions to remove him from the franchise. Harrison released a statement saying that he spoke wrongly in a manner that perpetuates racism.  

Harrison’s apology 

In his apology, he said that he had made a mistake and owns up to it. He said that he loves the platform and the franchise and said that he should have been better informed before commenting on the topic. In his follow-up apology, he said that he will be taking a break from the show and will not host the special. He also stated that the Bachelor’s franchise should not have to pay the cost of his mistakes. 

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