Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Donna Karan covid 19

Donna Karan complaints about the situation of healthcare workers after seeing their plight during her stay.

Donna Karan

Her stay at the hospital

She said that she was in the hospital one day and that she had COVID-19. She has experienced it and says that she always paid attention to healthcare. She said all these during a virtual fundraiser New York mayoral hopeful Ray McGuire on Tuesday. She also said that there is only disease care. There is no care or treatment to the nurses and the scenario at the hospital is unacceptable.

Karan, who also appeared at the Zoom meeting wearing a mask, did not disclose the hospital’s name but said that it was bad.


The situation of the nurses

She said that she was taken care of amazingly. But she said that the nurses were not yet vaccinated but they continued to take care of the patients with smiling faces. She engaged in a lot of conversations with the nursed and realised that the ministry needs to do better for the frontline warriors.


Her support towards McGuire for mayor

Model Christy Turlington and Tonya Lewis Lee hosted the Healthcare fundraiser. Karan said she fully supports McGuire for Mayor.


Donna’s charity work

According to her company, Donna Karan is now intensely focusing on Urban Zen, her charity. She founded the charity back in 2007 in hopes of bringing awareness to health issues, and children’s education and preserve the various cultures in developing countries. She has done a lot of charity and we hope that she continues to do this in the future. Her endless endeavours and her strength to stand up for the right has inspired people across the world. The way she has told the world about the healthcare scenario has proved again that she is a woman of courage and wants to do something for them.

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