Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Clive Davis

Clive Jay Davis is an American record producer and famed AR and music industry executive. This legendary artist has won the Grammy awards five times also is a rock and roll hall of fame member as a non-performer. The 88 year old producer got loads of fame and recognition for his talent. Clive also received numerous awards for his several achievements in the music industry. The artist however surprised everyone when he hosted a five hour long gala on zoom before the Grammy award function. The coronavirus pandemic brought closure to various upcoming events and left people worldwide saddened. Although Clive treated people all around the world to trip to nostalgia and some of his major hits along with other popular artists in the gala. All of these performers brought fantastic songs for the audience to enjoy.

Clive DavisList of artist that showed up at the gala

Some of the famous artists that joined and performed on this zoom gala include John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx who graced the audience by their beautiful show. Clive also hosted interviews with several celebrities like Alicia Keys, Bruce Springsteen, David Foster, David Foster and many more celebs. However there were some VIP’s who also accompanied the show some of which were Keith Urban, Kathy Griffin, Nile Rodgers, Rob Thomas, Tyra Banks, Lucian Grainge and many more.

Memorable segments of the show

Some of the most glorious and unforgettable moments include some special performances in the past which are one of his favourites that were by Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, A duet Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. The hilarious interview moments were celebrities opened up with funny stories to entertain the audience. The entire show was definitely outstanding and the audience loved it.

Grammy show to be held in March

After the pandemic, all events were postponed and Grammy was also shifted to March. The show will have Clive as a host again and this much awaited event will take place in the month of March. Clive also decided there will be two events so that occasion will benefit to provide more charity to MusiCares.

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