Sat. Jul 31st, 2021
Christopher Plummer dies

Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer was a Canadian actor who has been in the film industry for several decades because of his magnificent and multitalented work. The veteran actor began his career in 1960 and continued till 2017. The 91 year old actor was a part of multiple hit films like remember, a beautiful mind, the insider. He also starred as a lead in the iconic movie the sound of music along with Julie Andrew. The actor has also received an academy award at the age of 81 making him the oldest actor to ever win an Oscar. Plummer also earned plenty of praise by critics and honors. Unfortunately news has disclosed that the established actor Christopher has passed away.

Christopher Plummer

Summary of Plummer’s overall career

Christopher served the film industry for around 7 decades and gave absolutely brilliant and renowned performances on screen. The actor started out by starring in television shows. The actor later on debuted in Broadway shows and played in several theatres. Although his beginning was not so great but soon received fame for his tremendous roles in adaptations of Shakespeare. The actor also played science fiction roles in Star Trek and 12 monkeys. Plummer also bagged an Oscar nomination for his work as a supporting actor in the movie the insider and numerous critics awards for the same. The actor also was in eccentric and fantastic thriller films like knives out, All the money in the world. Christopher is also called versatile since he has worked in multiple genres and successfully managed to display his talent across the screen.

Details about Plummer’s personal life

Plummer got married first in 1956 to actress Timmy Grimes, the duo had a daughter but the couple split after four years. Later the actor married Patricia Lewis who was a journalist, the pair did not have any kids and separated after three years. Finally the actor tied the knot with actress Elaine Taylor in 1970 and were living together in Connecticut.

How did Christopher pass away?

According to his wife Elaine, the actor fell and took a hit on his head. The actor suffered difficulties due to the fall and soon passed away when he was 91 years of age. Plummer died in Connecticut at his home and his family released a statement stating he passed away at peace along with his family.

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