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Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman was an American actor who is also known for playing the popular character of black panther in the Marvel series. The 43 year old actor however passed away in 2020 and this news left millions of fans sad. The actor received tremendous international fame for the marvel character and the portrayal of the role impressed fans of marvel worldwide. The actor also was a part of numerous other films like 21 bridges, Marshal. The actor was down to earth and enjoyed his private life hence the actor usually avoided giving any announcement about his love life or social life. Recently the actor bagged about two nomination in the NAACP image awards for this year. The list was posted on Instagram which included Chadwick’s name for his work in two of his Netflix movies.

A peak into Chadwick’s overall career in acting

Boseman initially was more inclined into theatres and writing plays for shows. Eventually Boseman seemed to gain interest in the acting field and got his first break from playing a role in a television series in 2003.The actor then never looked back, he got multiple projects later from theatres and television. His best play is said to be Deep Azure which was based on a sensitive topic of police violence and further he wrote the screenplay of this play and it was made into a movie. However with the film called 42 Boseman got real recognition for his performance, although the actor was almost going to leave acting and rather do directing instead this role gave the actor hope.

Chadwick BosemanDetails about Chadwick’s personal life

Although the actor did not like to share everything publicly he eventually would announce some news related to his personal life. The actor was in a private relationship with Taylor Simone who is singer had later engaged each other in 2019 and finally got married. The event was extremely secret according to the family members. Boseman was also a religious person and had strong faith in Christianity. He also stated he prayed often and asked to get the opportunity for the marvel role.

Boseman struggled with a health issue

The actor successfully managed to keep his health issue private and it was revealed after his death that he actually suffered from cancer. Boseman was diagnosed cancer in his colon(stage 3)  five years ago and later turned into stage 4.The actor had to go through several treatment methods to get cured but unfortunately passed away in August with his close family members by his side.

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