Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
CNN's veteran anchor leaving

Brooke Baldwin, one of CNN’s veteran anchors who became “incredibly sick” last year with Covid-19, opened her afternoon show on Tuesday by announcing that she will be leaving the network in April.  

Her journey as the anchor 

 CNN's veteran anchor leaving

Brooke, who is now 41 has been at CNN since 2008, as the host of CNN Newsroom. She made the announcement of her resignation just after coming on air, suggesting that she plans to take a break from the news. She also posted on her Instagram. She said that she wants to focus on her book about women “unlocking their collective power” which is due on April 6.  

Her future plans 

Baldwin said that her next chapter will be focused on what she loves most, which is amplifying the lives of extraordinary Americans and tell stories. She also said that she is feeling vulnerable to leaving a safe job because she does not have another job, but also wants to break free and explore her passions more.  

Her fight with Covid-19 

Baldwin was seriously sick when she got Covid-19. She opened up about her journey a few weeks ago in a personal essay. She found it hard to cope with the isolation and melancholy, even with her husband in the same apartment. The isolation was hard on her, more than the physical pain. She also said that she is grateful now, for that she could smell and taste again. She wrote that her sickness was a reminder of how privileged she was and that she should have cared more for her health and happiness.  

In October, for the 10th year of her show as an anchor, Baldwin posted a message on Instagram celebrating the anniversary. She said she was taking off until the November elections and that Jake Tapper would be taking over for her hour during that time but she did not explain why. 

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