Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

BJP Youth Wing Leader Pamela Goswami was arrested on Friday by Kolkata Police over alleged handling of cocaine worth lakhs of rupees. According to the Police, Goswami was arrested from South Kolkata’s upscale New Alipore area. Goswami, who is currently working as a state secretary of BJP Youth Wing, along with a associate Prabir Kumar Dey was caught in the drugs case. The Police has revealed that “100gm of cocaine” worth lakhs of rupees has been recovered from Goswami’s purse and her car. The police, on the basis of an information, arrested Goswami when she was parking her car on the street.

Goswami was nabbed by Kolkata Police while she was parking her vehicle

The Police revealed that Goswami has been involved in drug trafficking for some time but this time on the basis of a tip-off, the police managed to nab them at the right time. According to a statement issued by Kolkata Police ,”Pamela Goswami was involved in drug trafficking for quite some time. Today, we got information that she, along with her supplier Prabir, was reaching the spot to hand over the drugs to the purchasers”. The police has also apprehended Goswami’s security guard who was inside the vehicle. Now, as per reports, police is also pondering if Goswami is involved in drugs racket or not. The police stated, “An investigation into the matter is underway. We are trying to find out whether she is involved in any drug racket”.

BJP is calling this arrest as “TMC government’s conspiracy”

As expected the arrest of its Youth Wing Leader didn’t go well with Bhartiya Janta Party. BJP is of the opinion that Goswami might have been framed by the present Government with a view to defame the image of Party in the state and thus talking advantage in the upcoming State’s Poll. BJP spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya said that the charges might have been framed since the moral code of conduct has not come into effect, the police is working under the influence of current government. Ruling Party Trinamool Congress, however, rejected any involvement in this and accused BJP to blame TMC whenever police arrests their party’s workers.

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