Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
LPG has been hiked

It seems that the common people of India will never be able to live peacefully. The people of India were already in much distress following the “century” price of petrol and diesel and now Oil Companies have given another shock to its consumers on Sunday. Companies announced a massive hike of Rs. 50 on non-subsidized domestic LPG cylinder. The new price is already been made effective by midnight of 14th Feb. The prices of a non-subsidized domestic LPG cylinder in Delhi now stand at Rs.769 in the place of an earlier price of Rs.719. This information was first shared by ANI official Twitter handle.

The price of LPG has been hiked a second time this month itself!

Well, it’s not the first time that the prices of LPG have increased. If we look carefully over the last 3 months, the prices of non-subsidized cylinders have been continuously on the rise. This current hike of Rs.50 is already the “third” hike in the price of domestic LPG Cylinder from December 2020.

LPG has been hiked

The Oil Companies had already increased the price of LPG cylinders by Rs.25 on February 4. It is important to note that the price of LPG cylinders mainly depends on two factors- The international price of Crude Oil and the dollar-rupee exchange value. The price is determined by Government Oil Companies after taking into consideration the two aforesaid factors.

Rahul Gandhi accused Government of working only for “two industrialists”

Opposition leaders bashed the Government for increasing burden on the general public who is already facing much distress about the hiked prices of diesel and petrol. Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to express his anger at the hiked prices of LPG. He accused the current Modi Government to work only for “two industrialists” and not doing anything for the common people of India.

These political allegations will continue to go on but it’s the common people of India who have to deal with such horrific rates of LPG cylinders. Not to forget the hiked prices of petrol and diesel (in some parts of the country, the rate of petrol has crossed Rs.100 mark). It is important to note here that by increasing the price of non-subsidized LPG, the amount of subsidy is gradually shrinking.

Well on papers “Oil Companies decide LPG rate on external factors”, however recently Assam Government but the fuel prices by Rs.5 ahead of the election which shows that almost all things in our country only depends on “political factors’. Once the election gets over, we all know what will happen!!

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