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There’s some issue fishy approximately Subway’s tuna salad sandwiches and wraps, but the menu objects do no longer show as an awful lot as embody any real fish, in step with a lawsuit filed within the direction of the fast-meals chain.


What Subway payments as tuna is a “combination of numerous concoctions that don’t represent tuna, but have been blended together by means of manner of using defendants to imitate the arrival of tuna,” regular with the criticism. Filed ultimate week inside the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on behalf of  California residents, Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin, the lawsuit contends the two “were tricked into searching for meals gadgets that thoroughly lacked the components they pretty idea they were looking for,” based on its labeling. Consumers are typically misled into buying the goods for the generally regarded and/or marketed advantages and developments of tuna on the identical time as in fact no such advantages can be had, for the purpose that the goods are in fact with out tuna, the wholesome claims.

Conducting checks

Alex Brown, an criminal professional with the Lanier Law Firm who’s representing Dhanowa and Amin inside the case, said they may be trying to determine what additives are carried out in Subway’s tuna. We are venture tests to determine out what it’s far. The lab exams thus far have most effective told us what it isn’t always, he said in an e-mail to CBS money watch.

A spokesperson for the corporation denied the claims laid out inside the lawsuit

“There without a doubt is not any truth to the allegations in the complaint that become filed in California,” Maggie Truax, director of Global PR, said in an e-mail to CBS MoneyWatch ,Subway ensures 100% cooked tuna to its eating locations, which is mixed with mayonnaise and carried out in freshly made sandwiches, wraps and salads which might be served to and enjoyed thru our traffic. According to the organization’s website on line, the tuna salad inside the chain’s sandwiches is made with flaked tuna in brine, mayonnaise and a flavor-defensive additive. Unfortunately, this lawsuit is a part of a style wherein the named plaintiffs’ attorneys had been targeted on the meals organization so that you can make a call for themselves in that place, Truax said.

Licensed the category motion

If licensed as a category-motion, the fit can also need to doubtlessly constitute plenty of Subway clients who sold tuna sandwiches or wraps after January 21, 2017, in California, wherein it has 2,266 locations. The healthy isn’t the number one crook dispute that raised questions about Subway’s merchandise. Ireland’s Supreme Court in September ruled that the bread Subway uses in its sandwiches could not legally be known as bread because of its immoderate sugar content material fabric. And in 2017, an appeals court docket threw out a category-motion settlement over claims the chain’s “footlong subs” in which an inch shy of the period advertised.

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