Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Rinku Sharma murdered

The murder of 25-year old Rinku Sharma by four of his friends in Delhi’s Mangolpuri area has turned into a political drama, with a lot of people alleging a communal angle behind the murder. The Delhi Police, however, has rejected the claim and presented a timeline of the events that led to Rinku’s murder.  

The events leading to the murder 

On February 10, Rinku attended his friend’s birthday party. The party was also attended by his other friends. A few days before the party, two of his friends had opened a restaurant in the Rohini area, which got shut down due to the Lockdown. During the party, the two friends, namely Sachin and Zahid, got into a fight where Sachin accused Zahid of being the reason behind the shutting down of the restaurant. The fight turned physical. Rinku intervened in the fight.  

Rinku Sharma murdered

Later at around 10.30 pm, Zahid and his accomplices went to Sharma’s house where the victim along with his elder brother was already standing outside with sticks. A fight broke out, which escalated soon. Zahid and his friends stabbed Rinku to death. Rinku was rushed to a nearby hospital but he did not survive.  

The Police’s opinion 

Till now, the Police have arrested 5 people- Nasruddin, Islam, Zahid, Mehtab, and Tasuddin. The Police have said that the arrested people were in close connection with Rinku and lived in the same locality. Any other motive alluded to is factually wrong.  

Family Rejects Claim 

However, Rinku’s family have denied the fact that they own any restaurant. They claim that the murder was done because Rinku was collecting donations for the Ram Mandir. The two sides had also allegedly gotten into a fight on Dussehra last year and have continued taunting each other since then. The police meanwhile, have reiterated that the murder was a reason for the brawl for the shutting down of restaurants.  

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