Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Roidmi Self Collecting Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi is one of the amazing company around the world. The company manufacturers wonderful devices with great features and specifications. Earlier we have seen that Xiaomi has captured the smartphone market perfectly in the world. Being the third largest selling smartphone company it has increased its range of products. Now Xiaomi deals in wide variant of devices in the market. Either it is home appliances or other device it deals in wonderful devices. Roidmi is Xiaomi ecologically chain company. Recently, Roidmi has launched an wonderful robot which attracts numerous consumers towards it. The robot features self collection vacuum which is the main attraction and key specifications of this robot. However, such devices by Xiaomi as maintained the standard which is the most amazing thing for the consumers. The robot will offers tremendous benefits to the users in the market.

Roidmi Self Collecting Robot Vacuum Price

Robot has amazing features and it is available at a very minimal price. It costs Just for Yuan 2,999 which is roughly estimated as $463. Now let’s have a look over the specifications and features of this wonderful robot vacuum.

Roidmi Self Collecting Robot VacuumRoidmi Self Collecting Robot Vacuum Specs

  • The robot features a rear suction dust collection cleaning station. This helps in cleaning the dust box of robot after collecting the dust automatically.
  • It also has capability which automatically packs the dust itself.
  • The robot consists of an original zone antibacterial and deodorant technologies.
  • Robot has dust bag which has capacity of 3 liters and also automatically packs and not leak dust.
  • The Robot is equipped with a new generation of Super sensing LDS Lidar technology. This technology helps in the quickly scanning the house which is dirty.
  • Using Lidar technology the robot can also automatically draws a map, later it plans a route through SLAM algorithm.
  • The design of the robot has an integrated design of suction and drag.
  • It features a smart micro control water tank. This tank controls the uniformity in the exposure of water in the robot.
  • This tank has capacity of 250ml of water and it can cover an area of 309 square meters just in one go.

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