Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
TV show Caillou

Caillou has been a kid’s favorite show since it was broadcasted in 1997 on Teletoon and had been going on to date on television. The show revolves around a four-year-old boy that has a normal family and does his daily activities as a kid and loves to explore nature and even has imaginary friends. The show’s intention was for educational purposes basically to teach kids how to deal with situations that could occur in a kid’s life. This show had a total of five seasons that ended in 2010 but kept re-telecasting the previous episodes for kids as it was very popular. It was currently being broadcasted on PBS but now they have officially announced on Twitter that they will not telecast this show any further on Tuesday 2021. Though PBS also teased and hinted that a new show might be launched instead of Calliou for kids and also gave some advice stating that saying goodbye is tough but it is to be taught as well.

TV show CaillouCalliou not on the good side of parents

Although the show had been loved by children it seems that parents have the opposite feeling towards the show. They did not like the main character Caillou and described him as an irritating little kid who often gets moody and is also a cry baby. Parents also gave several examples of Calliou’s misbehavior that simply cannot be accepted and tolerated. Parents were worried the show would invoke and encourage such type of attitude in their children too. Parents often want kids to learn good things from shows but numerous parents did not let their kids watch the show due to Calliou’s negative attitude could influence their kids to behave in a similar manner too. After the show announced farewell many parents went on Twitter to express their happiness and many celebrated and also appreciated the show was canceled now. Parents also bid farewell to Calliou and tweeted they were glad the brat was gone finally.

Why did calliou get removed?

Calliou seemed popular not only in kids but apparently, was a hilarious meme too but now will be replaced with a new show. So yet there has been no official announcement regarding what the new show will be and what time it will be telecast. All kids, adults, and parents can do is wait for the show that will soon launch on PBS that probably won’t be a headache for parents again.

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