Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Alabama City

On January 26, 2021, Birmingham County was hit by a tornado which claimed some damage of residential structures. After this incident, many counties were on alert of tornado watch.  This tornado striking in winter may seem rare to some person, however it is not the case. Alabama has become familiar with the tornado that hit the Birmingham and tore through Fultondale and Center Point. Over the last decade, Alabama has seen increase in the number of tornado throughout the year and not being specific to any season or month.

Alabama City

Data reveals that most tornado occur when it is dark outside

 The WSFA12 news has shared a graphical presentation of tornado incidents in Alabama from 1950 to 2019. If we look at the graph carefully, we can observe that over the last decade tornado activity has seen a rise. Since 2000, on an average, Alabama is subjected to 60 tornadoes in a calendar year on an average. This is significantly higher than the average of only 39 tornadoes in 70s. The year 2011 was one of the most hazardous one for the Alabama city where it faced 145 tornadoes causing much damage and destruction of lives and property. The trend shows that many of the tornadoes occur when there is dark outside. The tornado that hit Birmingham was one such of a kind. As per the data, majority of Alabama’s tornado hit between 12 and 7 pm. Statistics reveals that more than 30% of tornadoes hit the city when it’s completely dark outside. Study also shows that many of city’s tornado activity occur during the winter months.

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Amidst pandemic situation, Alabama is facing wrath of the nature

The WSFA12 team shared another data showing Alabama’s Tornado activity in relation to its counties. The data shows that densely populated counties such as Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, Walker, Fayette and Blount are hot spots for tornado occurrence. The other hot spots are Cullman, Limestone, Madison, and Marshall County etc. Amidst the pandemic situation, this tornado occurrence will increase the problems for the resident of Alabama.

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