Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021
Pro-Trump protest

The United States of America had to go through some extremely tough times for quite a long period. There were several protests and backlash that included both for and against the government. The country seemed in upheaval and chaos due to massive contradictions in opinions leading to people either protesting or causing riots. It has been captured when crowds have powerful, overwhelming police authorities leaving them no choice but to step back. America has seen numerous events and incidents both good and bad which has shaped the country’s overall viewpoint. Although people suffered so matter what the riot or protest is about. Hotel workers of DC and other employees reveal the tension they saw within their guests and country and also witnessed a closer view to how things turned sour on January 6th 2021.

Pro-Trump protestThe workers reveal details about the pro trump protests

The employees and workers of the DC hotel witnessed the guest that resides in their hotel were part of the Capitol Hill riot mob. The workers got baffled when they saw their guests rioting outside the hotel. Although the hotel workers said it’s their job to give room for rent and it does not matter what they do outside the hotel. The workers also added that at the end of the day they have to do their duty.

Trump supporters stayed in nearby hotels

Before the Capitol Hill riots, the trump supporters came in huge numbers and booked hotels to live there. These hotels were located a block away from the where the White House is situated. It looked like the supporters of trump planned the execution well enough. After the incident, the authorities went to these hotels for investigation and asked the staff to identify the rioters from pictures they brought. Although many staff members were unable to recognise them since most of the guests were told to strictly wear mask.

Employees are hoping the situation to improve

Hotel workers are now just hoping things turn better since they have seen multiple barricading and security since the past three months.After the inauguration of President Joe Biden, things are improving certainly but yet the stressful atmosphere has not completely disappeared as of now.

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