Fri. May 7th, 2021
Thomas John Brokaw

Thomas John Brokaw, popularly known as Tom Brokaw is 80 and is still going strong with his game. He has been a part of American families for a long time through their TV sets. Tom Brokaw is an author of many books like “The Greatest Generation” and has worked as a journalist for most part of his life. He was associated with NBC Nightly News for more than two decades and did TV broadcasts as an anchor.

Thomas John BrokawTom Brokaw’s association with NBC

Tom Brokaw has been a part of many international shows like The Today Show, Meet The Press and NBC Nightly News. His presence on TV was like having someone at dinner. The impact is what makes a person memorable and that’s what he used to do. He has served as an editor, a host and an impactful speaker for NBC and after fifty years of working he has now chosen to retire. On January 22 this year, news started to surface that the legendary anchor and TV personality was retiring from NBC. Working for nearly 6 decades at the same network is not something one can overlook. His attachment to the NBC network has made him the face of this channel. Its automatic to think about him when someone mentions NBC.

Future plans of the anchor

Brokaw said that, he is proud that America is in good hands. The young journalists are working really hard for the reality to be heard and seen. He said the efforts of reporters and associated staff are rewarded when general public switch on their TV sets and gadgets to get daily dose of news. As per NBC, Brokaw will keep writing books and articles. Also not taking his suggestions for print media would be a shame, because his insights are worth investments.

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