Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Phil Spector

Phil Spector, the music producer who was responsible for some of the biggest hits in music and the person who developed the Wall of Sound is now dead, sources have confirmed.

Phil Spector Reason for his death

We have been told that he succumbed to Covid related complications. He was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and was taken to the hospital. There he recovered well enough and was taken back to prison, where he was serving his life sentence for Lana Clarkson’s murder.

Reports claim that he had a relapse, had trouble breathing, and was immediately taken to the hospital where he died on Saturday.

Phil Spector

Spector’s career in music

Spector started his career when he was still in high school. He produced his first hit song “To know Him is To Love him”, by the Teddy Bears.  His career took off after that and he never had to look back. He produced a flurry of hits during his career which includes “The Righteous Brothers”, “Unchained Melody”, “He’s a Rebel” among many other iconic songs.

He also had a deep association with The Beatles and produced their final album. Among other songs, he also produced John Lennon’s solo work, “Imagine” and many others.

Spector also developed the “Wall of Sound”, which a technique he discovered in a tunnel near Hollywood Blvd. The sound created a roaring effect, and Spector thought it could be used in overdubbing scores of musicians, making them listen to a fuller sound. The technique was later mimicked by the Beach Boys and Bruce Springsteen to produce hit songs.

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The murder of Lana Clarkson

His life was shattered when he ended up in prison for the second-degree murder of Clarkson, an actress he had met in 2003. They went to his mansion and he shot her there, but he claims that it was an accidental suicide. His first trial in 2007 was declared a mistrial but later in 2009 he was convicted and was given a life sentence.

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