Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Tanya Roberts

Tanya Robert is a 65-year-old American actress who is well-known for roles in Charlie’s Angels and a James Bond movie. She has been hospitalized recently when she fell from her house and her condition is known to be critical. There were several rumors about her current state and that her health was deteriorating which led to her fans being worried and resulted in a false statement to be disclosed by her publicist.

Tanya Roberts starred in A View To Kill, also known as Bond Girl was reportedly declared dead on Friday but the news turned out to be untrue as Tanya Robert is actually alive. The misunderstanding took place due to an apparent mixup from her longtime boyfriend Lance O’Brien. When news circulated rapidly, numerous condolences started appearing, and it was shortly clarified that the actress was alive but not in a good condition.

Lance had bid goodbye to Tanya at 4 am

Lance disclosed that he had called Mike Pingel and told him that he gave his farewell to Tanya and he saw her for one last time which made Pingel release an official announcement claiming that Tanya Robert was no more. After the announcement, Lance received a call from the hospital saying that Tanya was alive and not dead which made him realize and retreat the statement on Monday 4th January.

Tanya RobertsTanya collapsed in her house

Tan believed that Tanya had passed away when he visited her in Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where she is admitted. He was next to her and she appeared alright but the hospital staff denied it and said that it was just reflex. He bid her adieu and left but was astonished when later he learned from the hospital, informing her that she was alive but not in a good condition. Tanya had breathing problems and intestinal issues after taking a hike on December 23rd and after she was hospitalized she got a urinary tract infection which worsened her health and the infection was spread throughout her body which also caused damage and deterioration of her vital organs like kidney, liver, and gallbladder. She had collapsed in her house at around 4 am due to which she was immediately admitted to the hospital. Due to the visiting restrictions of Covid-19, Lance was unable to see Tanya but when finally did get to meet her he had said goodbye. Lance and Mike Pingel successfully changed their announcements and Lance did not blame Mike as it was a mishap. Although Tanya does not have Covid-19 which is good news although, there have been no reports about her current health condition.

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