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Dozens of minor earthquakes were detected near Mount Hood by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network on Sunday 

They start around 3 pm. and still leave at 7 pm. But don’t worry. Oregon’s highest peak has been hit by at least 100 minor earthquakes, the strongest with a magnitude of 2.7; Swarms are not uncommon in cascades, experts say. Experts from the seismic network said there was no concern about “impending volcanic eruptions due to similar swarms of minor tectonic earthquakes that have occurred in the region in the past”. The Sunday flock was “off-peak” – not centered under the volcano, but several miles away, near the Twins fault. There were similar small flocks in 2019, mostly on July 9.

EarthquakeThe earthquake on Sunday caused no damage

But one woman working in the government camp said she felt the shock that occurred around 3:40 p.m. and messaged her friend to tell her about it. Seismic experts put things in perspective on Sunday. “Now these analysts will prepare dinner, but I hope you all believe that we are paying close attention,” wrote seismologist Renate Hartog. – Tom Holman Jr .; [email protected]; 503-221-8224; @bayu_joo

More than 100 minor earthquakes rocked the southern side of the mountain

Hood Sunday afternoon. The strongest, with a power of 2.7, happened at 3:38 p.m. Swarms with minor earthquakes are not uncommon between the volcanic peaks of the Cascade. These activities can last for hours, sometimes days. “Earthquakes are associated with regional disturbances and are not a sign of changing volcanic activity,” the US Geological Survey (USGS) said in a statement late Sunday. The USGS notes that today’s herds occur in that place, as have several other well-known herds over the past decade. As an illustration, below is a map of the mountain. Hood, with attractions such as Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood Meadows, and Ski Bowl.

Last fall, the USGS Cascade Volcano Observatory installed three new monitoring stations on the mountain

The three stations have upgraded the network for monitoring seismic, GPS, and volcanic gases already operating on the mountain. “These services enhance the current network to monitor this critically imperiled volcano and enhance the sense of CVO scientists and associates to detect and notify of changes in faults or deformation of the earth that means increased volcanic venture and the following hazards it could be to bodies and people and them. features “, said the agency in a press liberation starting November 2020. There arrives to be no imminent peril from the recent attack of earthquakes in the masses.

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