Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Rapper Bow Wow

Although the pandemic is now slowing down in various parts of the countries and several vaccines are also available yet the risk of the pandemic spreading has not decreased. The Covid-19 strand mutated strand is extremely transmissible which increased concerns worldwide. Even though lockdowns have been removed from most of the countries, the public has been notified to yet be cautious and follow Covid guidelines like wearing masks, gloves and maintaining social distance. Although several outlets like restaurants, clubs, theatres have opened yet people are avoiding such places where crowds can be made. Even so recently rapper bow wow is being criticized for his club performance during the pandemic in an unprotected crowd

Bow wow performance highly criticized

American rapper Shad Gregory Moss that goes by the name Bow Wow is now being trashed for his club performance in Houston. A club video is getting viral where you can clearly see the rapper and a crowd in the club that barely has worn masks. The rapper and the crowd is facing backlash for not following Covid-19 guidelines in the club and how risky this could be.

Rapper Bow Wow Users calling out the performance and rapper

A video with the rapper singing his famous song from 2005 which is called -like you is now going viral where he is performing in a Texas club in front of a crowd which barely has masks on.

Users online on various social media platforms have gone and trolled both the crowd and rapper Bow Wow for this move which could possibly lead to spreading  coronavirus. Not only users but also celebs have jumped in slamming the video too. Celebs Natasha Rothwell and Zach Braff tweeted their responses which also went viral that did not support the rapper.

Bow Wow’s response to the controversy

Bow Wow has responded to the viral video of him performing on 15th January in Texas. The rapper said he cannot perform with his mask and had worn the mask before performing. The rapper also revealed he does not like getting sick and will make sure he covers his face with a mask and hopes his fans will wear masks as well.

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