Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Rapper Azealia

Singer and Rapper Azealia Banks finds herself in controversy after she allegedly posted an “inhuman” video on the Instagram where she appears to be digging up her dead cat and boiling its remains! As soon as the video was posted online, it started to trend all over the social media platforms. Some users recorded the video of the “controversial post” and posted on the micro blogging site twitter. This disgusting video caught the attention of over 10,000 people and they bashed Banks for this strange and inhuman behavior. The said video is no longer available on the Instagram.

Rapper AzealiaThe post went viral on twitter as well, users bashed the signer for this inhuman behavior

Azealia had posted the heinous video along with the caption “Lucifer. 2009-2020. My dear kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An Icon. Forever serve. Lucifer was the name of her cat. There was no further explanation about the video. The singer didn’t stop there, she later posted a series of photos on her Instagram wall of a planter with a chain link and lock around it, a bottle of Chanel Perfume, a crucifix and an animal skull (which has been speculated to be that of the dead cat). As soon as the video became public, she starts trending on Instagram and further on twitter. Many users bashed the singer for doing this heinous act to her pet.

The rapper has been in controversies every now and then

The said video is no longer available on her Instagram Account, though it is not clear if the video has been actually deleted or has been taken down by the Instagram in view of its community guidelines. The singer has been in controversies lately be it her video where she claimed to have practiced witchcraft or calling Joe Biden “legitimately scary”. However, this time her disturbing video shook the Internet.

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