Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
PaMu Nano

Padmate, founded in 2010 is a China-based, audio gadget company that is also a part of Harda Group. Padmate was built to do manufacturing and testing in the laboratory. It provides a number of services and starts projects that will add a new edge to technology. The group develops smart devices and Bluetooth devices. They begin with simulations and prototypes, followed by tests, and then launch the electronic product in the market. These electronic gadgets that come out of Padmate, mostly pass the tests and make it to the user’s desk.

PaMu NanoOn the 31st of December, Padmate launched PaMu Nano. It is a headset that has some interesting features.

To know more about its specifications, scroll down

  • HiFi Headset
  • It is a very lightweight gadget
  • It is compact in size
  • It has Graphene Speakers
  • It is a wireless headset
  • It gives comfort to ears and is easy to carry around
  • Usually, it happens with the earphones, that if the user lies down he will have to be careful with his ear because the position of the earphone gives him discomfort, but that drawback isn’t present in this headset.
  • Also while exercising/Gymning there is always a fear of dropping your earphones, but that doesn’t happen in the case of Padmate Headset, PaMu Nano.
  • supports IPX6
  • Waterproof
  • Sweatproof
  • Graphene audio dynamic speaker of 6mm
  • Has high battery life (around 21-hour long battery life)
  • When it is fully charged, it can support music for a duration of around 6 hours
  • If your headset has a battery charge of 10 minutes, it can be used for one hour straight

Availability and Price Of The Gadget

  • It is available on Tmall, some other malls, and even on Padmate’s official website
  • It costs around 61 USD

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